Evva EPS system

 At Barrs we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on new innovative quality products for our domestic and business customers alike, that is why we recommend the Evva EPS System.  Why not pop into our shop in Hammersmith & Fulham or give us a call today to find out how Evva Eps can work for you.


Evva EPS compact cylinders

Evva Security barrels made to measure in our Fulham shop south west London SW6

 EPS (Extended Profile System) is a further development of EVVA's successful pin systems. EPS excels due to its patented, multiple-overlap key profile. Authorisation is checked on several security levels. 

Evva modular system

Snap Resistant barrels made to different sizes in our shop at our Fulham shop south west London


The module system enables us to adjust cylinder lengths in our shop, or to assign a particular function to cylinders (e.g. lockable on both sides). As a result, you benefit from flexible solutions and reduce the time it takes to order in an offset euro cylinder.

-Cylinder lengths can be set as required.

-If it is unclear what cylinder length is needed, cylinders can be assembled at the required length in our shop.

-We can offer services from our complete range of products based on your requirements and flexibly respond to all customer requests.

Benefits of Evva EPS

Evva eps security cylinders made to different sizes in our shop at Fulham Palace road London SW6 6TE


  1. -5 active scanning components and up to 20 additional scanning positions check locking authorisation
  2. -Solid, double-action pins ensure optimum security
  3. -Patented longitudinal profile
  4. -Key with optimum bitting angle
  5. -Integrated check for tampering
  6. -Optimum wear resistance due to use of special nickel silver keys
  7. -Technological, managed and legal key protection, thanks to copying protection, security card and patents.
  8. -Available in compact and modular design
  9. -Master keying

Evva EPS Keys

Evva Eps security keys cut in our Fulham shop south west London

With Evva EPS keys you can rest assured of having a security key you can give to your staff or a contractor with out the stress or worry of the keys being cut with out your permission due to its patented design.

Evva EPS TS07 3 star cylinders

TS07 3 star insurance approved euro snap resistant barrels ordered in to spec Hammersmith and Fulham

Evva EPS is also available in a TS07 3 star optional variant which we can order in as required to the length required.


EPS locking cylinders comply with EN 1303:2005 in lock security class 6 and attack resistance class 2.
They are suitable for EI 30 and E 30 fire and smoke control doors
as standard.

EPS is thus optimally suited for use in the highest category, resistance class 6.