Guide to multi point upvc locks in london


Measuring the lock case


Finding replacement upvc door locks can be hard work if you don't know where to look. You won't find them at the local diy store and more often than not the company who fitted your door will have stopped using the lock you need years ago. Most people simply give in and just buy a new door (costing on average between £700 to £1700). We at Barrs have made it our business to find most makes of upvc door locks so that we can meet your needs. Based in Fulham South West London we also offer an on site service for the fitting or repairing of your upvc door lock, from changing the keys/cylinder to replacing the whole locking unit our experienced locksmiths can also advise on increasing the security of your home not just on your doors but also for your upvc windows.

Measuring the lock case

The most important thing is to measure the lock case correctly the diagram to the left illustrates how to measure the upvc lock case to ensure you get the right upvc locking mechanism. 

Determining the other parts of your upvc door lock

Roller Cam

upvc mushroom cam

How Many roller cams are there?

Mushroom Cam

mushroom cam upvc

How Many Mushroom Cams are there?


upvc latch

Are there any latch bolts? How many?

Hook bolt

upvc hook bolt

How Many hook bolts are there?

Anti Lift Bolts

anti lift upvc door bolts

Are there any anti lift bolts?

Dead Bolts

upvc deadbolts

How many dead bolts are there?

Determine distance between the bolt/cam & central lockcase

measuring the lockcase

Measuring the distances

When measuring the distances you must start from the centre of the lock spindle (were the square bar goes for the handle) to the centre of the hook bolt or roller cams/mushrooms etc in order to determine the correct distances also determine the make of the upvc door lock if possible.

Once lock is measured

Once you have the lock measurements you can now determine the lock type and make. We can order in the UPVC lock's usually next day please contact us for prices.

We also carry out an on site service to either repair or replace the multi point upvc locks in London only.

Door Handles

upvc door handle

Chameleon UPVC Door handle

 An ideal retrofit solution, the Chameleon Pro Handle features an adaptable handle height (to accommodate both inline and offset centres between 59-96mm) and adaptable screw centres. Such flexibility is ideal for installers looking to reduce the amount of van stock they carry. This unit features concealed external fixings for superior security and the sliding mechanism is fitted with a nylon seal for ingress protection.

This handle is available in a range of attractive finishes and is supplied complete with all plates, 8mm solid spindle (split spindles are available as additional products), fixings and an allen key.

Chameleon Door Handle Presentation