Home Security in London

 At Barrs Security we take your security seriously thats why when you choose us to upgrade your security, we will only use tried and tested products. Rest assured that there is always a solution to fit any budget.

We are stockist's of :








These are just a small selection of the most popular brands we stock, we can also source other makes of locks to order. You can count on us for your home security in London area.

Insurance companies require the following as part of there minimum security requirements :

When it comes to the security of your home or office you should always use a Master Locksmiths Association Licensed Locksmith Company. In the same way you would call a Gas Safe Accredited engineer to repair your Gas/boiler, you should call a professional MLA Approved locksmith company to fit your locks. It is important to your insurance company that the locks that are fitted are insurance approved and that your security is up to date on the current minimum specification required. You can then be assured that your policy will payout in full. As a Master Locksmiths Association Licensed Locksmith Company we always keep up to date on new products and regulations. We ensure that the locks fitted by our Locksmiths are fitted correctly so that they retain their BS3621/BS8621 kite mark and therefore conform to Insurance standard. Incorrectly fitted British standard locks will lose their British standard kite marks and the possibility of an insurance company paying out could diminish as a result of badly installed locks.

Front Door

BS3621 or for rentals BS8621 Rim night latch



You can opt for a five lever deadlock to BS3621 or you can fit a british standard rim lock.

For rented properties that require a British Standard Lock you could use a Era BS8621 BS Rim lockwhich conforms to fire regulations.

There has long been a conflict between a secure British Standard front door lock and fire safety, this has now been overcome thanks to the new Keyless Egress Range. The new BS8621:2004 standard mirrors the BS3621:2004 but is for escape locks. The locks are classified as providing keyless egress at all times. This applies where there is a requirement for an easy action method of opening an external door from the inside with no need for keys or similar devices for unlocking. Especially relevant for entrance doors in rented properties and other buildings. A keyless lever on the inside of the door ensures its possible to make an emergency escape in the event of a fire.

There is also a deadlock range available that also complies to BS8621:2004 which can be keyed alike with the ERA BS8621 rim lock so you can be assured of a high quality lock at an affordable price.

233-31 brass 67mm

233-51 satin chrome 67mm

333-31 76mm brass

233-51 satin chrome 76mm

BS3621 or BS8621 mortise deadlocks



There is also a deadlock range available that also complies to BS8621:2004 which can be keyed alike with the ERA BS8621 rim lock so you can be assured of a high quality lock at an affordable price.

233-31 brass 67mm

233-51 satin chrome 67mm

333-31 76mm brass

233-51 satin chrome 76mm

And for a back door there is also a sashlock available which can also be keyed alike with the Era locks on your front door so not only are you complying with Fire Safety you can also have one key that fits all the door locks in your home.

For a higher specification were key control is paramount the Ingersoll London line range is for you.

london line hook bolt

The Ingersoll Londonline mortise lock incorporates a hardened steel hook bolt, a pair of solid steel plates that bolt through the door, an anti snap cylinder and drill resistant hardened pins designed to snap hardened drill bits.  

The Rim lock comprise's of a bolt through rose to protect the cylinder against side torque and hardened pins designed to snap hardened drill bits, a hardened steel square bolt which makes slipping inpossible, key lockable handle and a long lipped strike plate which resist's a head on attack against the door. Available in polished brass or chrome. This lock requires professional fitting to ensure it conforms to BS3621/2004. The Londonline Mortise and Rim lock can also be keyed alike which we will do for FREE when purchased together at the same time.

London Bar

london bar london

We also supply and install London bars and birmingham bars

lock guards



Pair of lock guards to strengthen your deadlock

Security letter cowl


Security letter cowl to cover letter box on the inside of the door. 


Evva security key snap resistant 3 star TS07 cylinders supplied and fitted in london


 The Evva EPS Kitemarked TS 007 3* Rated cylinders offer the best protection available. They have a high resistance to bumping, snapping, picking and drilling and have been tested to EN 1634-1 meaning that they have been tested on a fire resistant steel door and are rated to 90 minutes fire and smoke resistance. 


The EVVA EPS 3 star security key cylinder key is a patented security key system. 

Window Security

For Wooden Sash Windows we recommend Sash Stops.


You have the option with Sash Stops to lock the window shut or approx 100mm open while your in your home for ventilation. 

Era Window Restrictor


An option for casement windows is the Era window restrictor, ideal for restricting the opening of a casement wooden/metal window and for adding an element of child safety for windows above the ground floor. 

Metal Window Locks


For the old style crittal windows you can fit a FM68 fanlight lock which is attached to the casement stay to lock the window in the closed position. 

Metal casement windows


For Metal casement windows another option is the 8K106 metal window lock designed to fit onto the frame and window.



You may also consider Gates and Grilles for your windows as well as French Doors and Patio sliding doors.

Windows which are accessable via a flat roof should also be secured by a key operated lock as gaining access can be achieved by using as an example garden furniture to climb up onto a conservatory roof, and then breaking the glass and operating the catch.

French Doors


These type of doors should have four rack bolts two fitted to each leaf,

two pairs of hinge bolts to take over from hinges after pin's have been knocked out, and

a minimum five lever dead or sashlock.

You may also consider a collapsible gate fitted internally.

The Garden

ground anchor

Don't forget that your security doesn't just stop at the garden door, we can also add Trellis to your existing fencing which will help to put off an opportunist thief from climbing over, and wall anchors for you ladders to prevent them from being used to climb into first floor windows or flat roofs with windows that open for ventilation. And we also recommend security lighting with a passive infrared detector built in 

The Garage

Parking Bollards

parking bollard supplied and fitted london

Parking Bay

Do you have a parking bay that other people park in then a solution is a autopa parking bollard professionally fitted by one of our locksmiths, bolted into the ground with large raw bolts.

Garage Door



Up and over garage doors are very vulnerable to attack, usually fitted with a cheap lock that can be opened in seconds, and if your lucky 2 hasp and staples which can be removed easily with a crow bar, to beef up security on your garage which house's probably your most expensive prized possession why not fit a Garage Defender :

Sold secure Bronze you know its been tested by professional's against all sort's of attack, the padlock is protected by a hardened steel case, it's secured to the concrete via a backing plate with two security raw bolts so no chance of pulling it out of the ground. To add more piece of mind for your motorcycle you can also consider a ground anchor fitted by one of our locksmiths so you know you've had a professional job.

Garage Door bolts


 An alternative to the garage defender is the Asec Garage Door Bolts fitted to both sides of the garage door, bolted onto the skin of the door and locking into the frame on the left and right hand side of the up and over garage door. The picture below is an example of what the lock looks like once fitted, the bolts are supplied/fitted without the added frame strengthening shown in the picture.